About Us

Our website https://www.godivine.in started as the part of the organisation of BHARAT SPIRITUAL SERVICES having the address - 57/4, Kumirjala Road (Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani), P.O. : Mallickpara, Serampore, Dist. : Hooghly, West Bengal, Pin  : 712203, INDIA and having an website www.bharatspiritual.org which was started with the purpose of giving online Hindu Puja or Pooja and  other spiritual services to all devout around the world. This is a platform through which a person or a devotee can offer online Puja i.e. pooja, Online Homa to almighty God and Goddess in PERSONALIZED WAY and thus seek the Divine help and Assistance for resolving his / her Crisis, for getting Success, abundance, peace, prosperity and even for flourishing His / Her spiritual Growth. We are basically an organization to provide you a personalized spiritual services for you ...on behalf of  you. We always try to provide our sincere and personalized services for offering your Spiritual needs like online Puja etc. to be performed in personalized way, so that your own desires get fulfilled  with the kindness and blessings of God & Goddess. We always try to give value of our Devotee's spiritual sentiment and emotion ...so that his/her wishes & desires get fulfilled.

Now through https://www.godivine.in we provide our little humble guidance in Spiritual Yoga & Meditation to you in nearly at a free of cost. This is our efforts and initiative to guide our people to search out peace happiness from this chaotic world and live with a smiling face ... You can be the part of our guidance. After the guidance you may practice of your own at your home for your own developement or you may join our practice class which is a little chargeable. 

Go Divine is a term that relates to spirituality, meditation, and the pursuit of inner peace. 'Go Divine'  mean to surrender oneself to a higher power or to seek guidance from a divine source. It is a call to let go off one's ego and allow the divine to guide and direct one's life. This may involve prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices that help connect one to a higher power or source of wisdom.

Go Divine ... innerself Spiritual engineering ... is a Spiritual Yoga & Meditation system that may give you Health, Happiness and Success. This simple life changing guidance may make you cool, balanced and happy from within.

Reading above, if you want to come to us for having our Spiritual services ...to fulfill your spiritual requirements, you are always Welcome. Pls. note that the spiritual services we provide for people or for our devotees are not at all magical remedies of their problems. These are based on people's hundreds or thousands years of Trust and Beliefs on mainly Hindu God & Goddesses. People or devotees must know that they are coming to us to have our services at their own discretion. If anybody have any complain about us or about our website then kindly let us know. Write us with your details & complains including your  phone no., address and email Id at - indusland@yahoo.com  You may also give us suggestion for making things better.