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GoDivine Utilities

  • For Students : Helps to increase memory power and concentrate on studies, remove fear of exams and studies, increase capabilities.

  • For Service men / women : Helps to remove the mental and by that physical stress for the burden of huge work pressure. Helps to grow work efficiency, helps to keep mind relaxed even in highly challenging environment, helps to keep mind cool and by that increase right decision making capabilities, helps to increase adjustablity in highly professional and even negative environment, helps to manage professional teamwork relationship bondage, helps to create and manage good professional  relationship with other colleagues, managers and teamworkers. It helps to make you successful on your mission..

  • For Sales & Marketing persons : It helps to adjust yourself to the target oriented highly professional sales & marketing  job, where work pressure and achieving target or failures are common affairs. GoDivine innerself Spiritual engineering motivates you constantly by which you may set and fix your next and future strategies in further new way to achieve success. It helps to set your mind in balanced condition with a strategic foresight so that you may be capable of transforming your  failures to success in next course of action. It inspires you to perform your jobs & duties properly with a dedication and make you successful in life.

  • For Businessmen : Success and failures are very common in business. Sometimes you get profit and sometime loss !! It's a part of the game. It may come one after another. But the problem is, to accept loss & failures in business common affair. sometimes loss goes on for a long time ...pressure of Bank loan re-payment, creditors call, suppliers phone for payment, employees salary, low demand and product circulation, slow payment recovery from the market make you more restless and the situation become more painful.  GoDivine - innerself Spiritual engineering helps you to make yourself cool in this strained situation to take right decision and right action to recover your business health. It also help you to maintain consistancy in the running of a business through adjusting your mind and outlook through your own action and intelligence.

  • For Housewives / Homemakers : It helps to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain if any. It also helps to improve mood, mental well-being and by that physical well-being too. It may improve sleep and cognitive skills. It further helps housewives relax and recharge. It also help her to develop and enhance cooperativeness  and  relationships with her family and friends. It helps to find joy in her daily routine. Just required a little break from her daily busy routine and spend some time with GoDivine - innerself Spiritual engineering to renew herself. 

  • For doctors : Disease > Doctors >Diagnosis > Recovery is the single platform from reason to recovery in medical system where Doctors play the key roll for treating a patient. But just imagine if doctors remain unfit then how they will run their treatment process ?  A doctor remains an everyday's doctor for everyday's patients. He/she has to treat patient everyday on routine even often with a lot of mental or physical pressure and even sacrificing their own leasure, relax and entertainment. A small mistake of a medical sergeon may takes away the life of the patient... ...a small mistake of a doctor in prescribing medicines may create the huge problem for the patient. So doctors are required to be fit always. Their mental and physicial health should be fit. GoDivine - innerself Spiritual engineering help to do that. It helps to lower anxiety, stress and depression. It improves sleep faster, sleep longer and wake up more refreshed and by that it improves overall mental and physical health. It helps to cope up with the Demand and pressure of the profession.

  • For lawyers : GoDivine - innerself Spiritual engineering helps to improve cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and creativity. Lawyers can be benefitted from these enhanced cognitive abilities when analyzing complex legal issues, formulating arguments, and developing innovative legal strategies. It helps further to develop a deeper understanding of their clients, colleagues, and opposing parties. This can enhance their ability to communicate effectively, negotiate, and build stronger professional relationships. By approaching legal problems with clarity and equanimity, lawyers can arrive at more reasoned and rational solutions.

  • For retired people : It helps retired men and women to have better Stress reduction, Improved mental well-being, Emotional balance, Better sleep, Physical and mental health benefits, Increased self-awareness, Social connection, Mindfulness and enjoyment of the present moment.

  • For old and isolated people living or staying alone : The first and foremost thing that GoDivine - innerness engineering gives you is a feeling that you are not alone anymore. 'I'm with you' every now and then all time. This may be the inaudible voice or assurance from the invisible Divine being. You may not understand this initially but with your dedication, surrender and practice for few days, you may realize it gradually and it gives you a divine pleasure and Self-happiness in your mind and remove all past trauma, unhappiness and present loneliness. Hopefully with this your physical and mental health may be improved gradually too.

  • For those suffering from depression  : Depression may be a mood disorder with a continuous feeling of sadness and frustration, remaining always miserable and unhappy, sometimes sudden angry outburst, loss of interest in common normal activities, problems in sleeping, anxiety, fatigue, loss of appetite, emotional and physical problems, reluctance in social activities social mixing social relationship ... ... ...and sometimes with a severity of this mood disorder things may be worsened  and person start thinking of extremely lonely and feel it's not worth of living anymore ... and  by that finally to proceed for suicide ... ...  Sometimes it's seen that behind the generation of depression some incidents take place like Loss of Love, getting unsuccess in desired matter, utmost fear for happening something, getting of a sudden mental blow or hurt etc.   GoDivine - innermost engineering in this case may be capable of giving you a divine pleasure ... innermost pleasure by creating a path for  connecting with the invisible Divine being. By that GoDivine helps you to come out gradually from depression and may gift you a happy normal life again.

  • For those staying in hostile environment and surrounding : GoDivine - innerself Spiritual engineering is a Spiritual meditative technique that may help you to adjust with a hostile environment by reducing your stress, anxiety, anger, sorrows and other negative emotions.  Staying in a hostile environment can often cause a setback ... often cause you to doubt about yourself, your abilities, and your purpose.   GoDivine - innerself Spiritual engineering helps you to be persistent and to be more confident in yourself and not to give up your goals,  your values because of a hostile environment. It may improve your mental and physical health in various ways. It may give you a Divine pleasure and happiness at deep core inside in yourself and may make you more confident, fearless and enthusiastic.

  • For a religious man / woman : GoDivine - innerself Spiritual engineering may make a restless mind cool and helps you to get connected to the Divine. This may give you a Divine pleasure and happiness at the very deep core inside in yourself. It may change your vision and your world. GoDivine - innerself Spiritual engineering is not just a meditation but an art of Meditation.

  • ... ... and many more for everyone who is interested for this wonderful spiritual yoga art of meditation ...




Practical influences of GoDivine - innerself Spiritual engineering -

 Restore energy, Balanced and Joyful Mind, Rejuvenation, Youthfulness, Efficiency and effectiveness on our day to day activities, keeps you energetic, helps to remove sorrows to a great extent, bring inner peace and happiness, restore external and internal beauty, Slow aging  and many more ...


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